Managed Print Services

How Much are You Spending on Office Printing?

Document management and office printing has been recognized as one of the least reviewed corporate expenses and the third highest office expense behind rent and payroll. The costs associated with creating, printing, storing and retrieving documents costs companies on up to three percent of their annual revenue or more.

Reduce Office Print Costs. Increase Efficiency.
Try Managed Print Services.

To get started, we’ll conduct a Free Savings Assessment that will identify the total document costs within your organization. We’ll tell you exactly how much you are spending on office printing and show you how Managed Print Services can help you to reduce expenses without sacrificing performance.

Managed Print Services Adds Value to Businesses

  • Provides immediate print cost reduction
  • Reduces internal IT support
  • Increases equipment uptime
  • Streamlines print operations
  • Adds predictable expense reporting

Benefits of a Managed Print Services Environment:

  • All print costs become transparent and accountable
  • Free up IT and administrative staff time to focus on other business-enhancing processes
  • Gain a strategic view of your print environment
  • Accurately align print equipment to actual print volume and feature requirements
  • Eventually consolidate vendors to a single managed print service provider

To get started, request your Free Savings Assessment or contact us directly for more information.