Docu¢ents – Free Savings Assessment

Are you spending too much on printing?

Chances are good. Too good.

You may have:

  • Entered a lease with predatory clauses hidden in the fine print.
  • Paid more for copies per month than your office could ever use.
  • Acquired a fleet of desktop printers ravenously running through ink cartridges.

And what are the chances that your current provider will tell you how you can significantly minimize your payments without sacrificing performance? Slim to none.

You could save hundreds in monthly expenses with our proprietary, confidential Free Savings Assessment we call Docu¢ents. (In fact, if we can’t find a way to save you money, we’ll give you two tickets to the Cowboys.)

In a quick, on-site analysis, we will:

  1. Assess your everyday printing and copying needs to see if you’re paying too much.
  2. Review your lease and maintenance contract for excess costs.
  3. Interview the everyday users of the machines to verify that their real needs are met.
  4. Identify excess in your billing process to minimize your expenses.
  5. Determine potential extra savings on energy costs.

Then, you’ll receive a summary of our findings, and a list of cost-saving recommendations. This birds-eye view on your entire document management ‘fleet’ will allow you to make more economical decisions.

You’re under no commitment to work with us. (We’re confident that you’ll be impressed with how much we can save you.) Here’s the best part:

There is no charge for this service!

The results will be all you’ll need to cut your copying and printing costs. Then, when you’re ready to move ahead, we’ll know exactly how to help you in the shortest time possible.

Contact us today to schedule your Free Savings Assessment.