Frequently Asked Questions

How can Beyer Imaging offer these prices and stay in business?

Simple: We don’t have a sales quota. Unlike other dealers, we’re not under pressure to sell you a machine that you don’t need. That means we can focus on getting you the machine and level of service that makes the most sense for your office’s workflow. Instead of pushing the most expensive machines with expensive accessories, we can offer dealer overstock, demo models and slightly used machines already configured and loaded. Because we pay less for the machines, most of our customers save 50-85% off list price.

Is there a compromise to quality and performance on your gently used machines?

No. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in this business.

Because we source from across the nation, we can be extremely picky with our selection. We only acquire machines that have the least wear, the best features, and the most life left. We never buy a machine that has more than a month’s use, according to the manufacturer’s specs. Upon arrival, the machines are thoroughly tested, inspected, serviced, and cleaned, so they look and perform like new. We then sell, lease, rent and service them with warranty, saving you 50-85% off list price.

Do you back your machines?

Absolutely. We guarantee all of our machines under the same maintenance contract, regardless or whether they’re new or gently used. Read our guarantee here.

Can I lease your machines?

Yes. We offer an array of terms and options, such as lease-to-own and Fair Market Value leases. Read about it here.

How can I get the greatest return on investment from my printers and copiers?

With our DocuCents program, we offer a Free Savings Assessment to help you determine your real printing and copying needs. Read about it here.

My current lease is almost up, and my current copier vendor is offering to upgrade my machines early, without a penalty fee. Isn’t this a good deal?

Not necessarily. In many cases, an early upgrade doesn’t void your payment obligation on your current lease. Instead, the sum of those remaining payments is rolled into your new lease! Not a good deal.

If your lease is expiring soon, this is the perfect time to assess your actual copying and printing needs. Find out about our Free Savings Assessment here.

What’s included in your maintenance plan? Do I have to pay extra for extra service and supplies?

We back every machine that we offer with the same maintenance plan. This includes:

  • Toner
  • Drums
  • Labor
  • Driving time
  • Parts
  • Boards

Anytime there’s a problem, Beyer Imaging will come out and fix it. We want your machine to work wonderfully for the entirety of your service agreement. As long as you need follow-up guidance or assistance, we’ll be here for you.

Your copier service contract also includes an extensive preventative maintenance program, so we can avert issues before they slow down your office.

Can I get a maintenance contract on a machine I plan to buy?

Yes. We provide a maintenance contract on your equipment, whether you lease or buy. This contract is like an insurance policy; covering the parts, labor, supplies and boards to keep your machine running for as long as you own it.

What brands do you offer?

We offer machines from manufacturers we trust including Copystar – Kyocera Technology, HP printers, Fujitsu scanners, and Canon multifunction devices.

Once we get the equipment, who helps us set it up?

Every machine sale, rental or lease includes delivery, installation, setup and training. We’ll even work with your IT manager on your office’s network configuration.

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