Equipment Sales and Leasing

Equipment Sales

Because we’re not your average dealer, we don’t have a sales quota. That means you’ll never be sold into a machine or agreement that doesn’t make sense for your office’s unique needs.

Beyer Imaging offers such affordable pricing that purchasing your office machines is more feasible than ever. Whether you purchase or lease your equipment, Beyer Imaging offers the same full service maintenance backup plan to keep your machines up and running wonderfully.

Contact us to find out about our special purchase terms for the right equipment to fit your needs.

Equipment Leasing

Because our price levels can be 50-85% below retail cost, so many of our customers find it easy to purchase a copier. However, statistics show that about 80 percent of all copiers purchased nationally are financed under a copier leasing program.

When a copier lease is right for your business, our professional staff will explain the different types of leases and terms. For example, a $1 buyout lease is when the lease is written so you actually get to keep your machine at the end of lease term. This popular option allows you to keep the asset you have paid for!

Contact us to find out about our special lease plans to best fit your needs.

Copier and Printer Rentals

Choose Beyer Imaging when your business needs a short or long term copier or printer rental solution in the Dallas / Fort Worth area. Our copier and printer rental programs give you reliable quality products with service and supplies included.

We have a wide range of office copier rentals ready to deliver. We are experienced in working with trade shows, hotel and convention events, and sporting events such as The Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and MLB Draft Day.

We offer:

  • Daily copier rentals
  • Weekly copier rentals
  • Monthly copier rentals
  • Annual copier rentals

Choose Beyer Imaging for your next copier rental for optimal service and cost savings. Contact us to request more information on our affordable rental programs.