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The True Cost of Copier Ownership

Have you ever inquired what the true cost is of your copier?

There’s the lease or purchase plan, which can be a recurring monthly fee or a one-time bulk-sized purchase. There’s the following maintenance costs which can be an ongoing service plan or multiple one-time fees associated with labor, parts and supplies. There are also additional property taxes and insurance fees related to the value of the equipment.

So you may ask, “Are all these expenses worth the investment?” Indeed there are other round about ways to acquire the same outcome of pieces of paper being printed. You could perhaps buy a “cheap” printer at a retail store and just get the ink when you need it. Or you could make visits to the nearest FedEx Office to make your copies and prints. But what we often find people saying is, “That printer ink is so expensive and we are constantly purchasing it!” or “We’re spending way too much time and money at Kinko’s.”

Sometimes the path trying to cut costs actually runs counter to cutting those costs. This is a realization we have come to know quite well from years of feedback at Beyer Imaging. That is why we have incorporated cost-reduction strategies to allow for a luxury printing, copying and scanning environment without an associated excessive price tag.

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