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We Are Who We Think We Are


When starting this company, my plan was to provide great service while offering very nice office equipment at unbeatable prices.  As the days of management went by, I often wondered if the original intention was still at aim.  So that is why we provide cost assessments to not only see what other companies are charging (or overcharging), but we also look at the happiness of the relationship with that customer and their current provider.  We call this an ongoing focus group which provides feedback on what to do to make things right, and what to avoid.  After countless visits and dialogues, it is safe to say the plan from the beginning is coming to fruition today and will continue to meet those expectations in the future.

Our plan is simple – provide the best service to create the happiest of partner relationships with our customers while offering the best routes to discounted pricing.  This saves our customers money, time, and affords them a smooth working print and scan environment.

If you would like to take part in our focus group, and find a better route to a wonderful relationship with your office equipment vendor, contact us today and we’ll provide a Free Savings Assessment to get it started.