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When starting this company, my plan was to provide great service while offering very nice office equipment at unbeatable prices.  As the days of management went by, I often wondered if the original intention was still at aim.  So that is why we provide cost assessments to not only see what other companies are charging (or overcharging), but we also look at the happiness of the relationship with that customer and their current provider.  We call this an ongoing focus group which provides feedback on what to do to make things right, and what to avoid.  After countless visits and dialogues, it is safe to say the plan from the beginning is coming to fruition today and will continue to meet those expectations in the future.

Our plan is simple – provide the best service to create the happiest of partner relationships with our customers while offering the best routes to discounted pricing.  This saves our customers money, time, and affords them a smooth working print and scan environment.

If you would like to take part in our focus group, and find a better route to a wonderful relationship with your office equipment vendor, contact us today and we’ll provide a Free Savings Assessment to get it started.

How Does Your Copier Service Stack Up?


The other day we received a call from a woman who had a failing copier.  She was in a constant state of aggravation over her equipment and the number of times her current technician had tried to resolve the problems.  She finally decided to call another source for a second opinion.  We were privileged to accept her call and were up for the challenge to repair her source of aggravation.

When our technician went out to inspect the equipment, he noticed an overlooked component of the initial break.  He was able to get the machine up and running wonderfully in less than an hour.  Not only was he able to get the machine working in no time, his arrival to their office was the same afternoon the call was placed.

If this kind of repair work is pulling at your heartstrings, contact us today for a fine tuned adjustment to your office equipment network. Call 214-431-5191 or submit and online request to:


The True Cost of Copier Ownership

Have you ever inquired what the true cost is of your copier?

There’s the lease or purchase plan, which can be a recurring monthly fee or a one-time bulk-sized purchase. There’s the following maintenance costs which can be an ongoing service plan or multiple one-time fees associated with labor, parts and supplies. There are also additional property taxes and insurance fees related to the value of the equipment.

So you may ask, “Are all these expenses worth the investment?” Indeed there are other round about ways to acquire the same outcome of pieces of paper being printed. You could perhaps buy a “cheap” printer at a retail store and just get the ink when you need it. Or you could make visits to the nearest FedEx Office to make your copies and prints. But what we often find people saying is, “That printer ink is so expensive and we are constantly purchasing it!” or “We’re spending way too much time and money at Kinko’s.”

Sometimes the path trying to cut costs actually runs counter to cutting those costs. This is a realization we have come to know quite well from years of feedback at Beyer Imaging. That is why we have incorporated cost-reduction strategies to allow for a luxury printing, copying and scanning environment without an associated excessive price tag.

For more information on reducing your copier costs, whether that be through leasing, buying or maintenance strategies, give us a call today at 214-431-5191








So You Just Got Another Complaint About The Copy Machines…

So you just got another complaint from a staff member about the copy machines. They jam too much, the copy quality is bad. You can call the service company, but they take forever to respond. And anyways, you’re stuck in a long-term lease.

What if you could get out of that lease and into better, more reliable, and even less expensive equipment?

When you’re ready to explore your options and save money, contact us to schedule your Free Savings AssessmentWe’re confident that you’ll be impressed with how much we can save you!

How to Cut Out Unnecessary Lease Fees

So the other day…

I was looking into possible lease upgrade options for one of our wonderful clients.  He wanted to scan directly to Google Docs from the copier. His current machine did not have that capability but a newer model would do the trick.  When looking at his originally signed lease agreement, I assumed he was paying around $118.00 including tax for his monthly lease.  After looking at his most recent invoice, he told me that his bill was actually much higher – closer to $145.00 per month.

It may not seem like much, but over time that variance can add up.  We hope this video will help. In less than two minutes, find out how to save hundreds of dollars in excessive copier lease fees.

How Much Does That Document Really Cost to Print?

So you just got a great deal on a new printer. You’re printing all your files — and realize a couple of weeks later that you’re already out of ink! You go to order some more, and find out — that ink is expensive. Maybe the printer wasn’t such a bargain after all.

We hear this all the time, especially after that little printer breaks and needs repair work. So the question we ask is: “How much does that document really cost to print?”

If you’re ready to really save money on printing, Beyer Imaging is here for you. With our Best Performance Maintenance Plans, all maintenance and supplies (except paper and staples) are included, and printing only costs around a penny per page.

Contact us to get started!

Free Assessment Today Means Greater Savings Tomorrow

Spending Too Much On Printing?

When it comes to copy and print utilization, there’s a very good chance you’re pouring money down the drain without even knowing it. The Docu¢ents Savings Assessment from Beyer Imaging can help you spot where that’s happening and present ways to save more money and optimize system utilization.

It’s simple, thorough and completely free of charge with no obligation.

Request your Free Savings Assessment today.

How to Secure Your Office Equipment Tax Write-Off

Timely action for year-end tax planning could be especially important to take advantage of a host of tax breaks. These breaks will not be around next year unless Washington acts to extend them, which, at the present time looks doubtful.

At Beyer Imaging, we are dedicated to helping your office save money, increase productivity and streamline your workflow.  We know that the more you know, the less likely you are to make costly mistakes.

Below explains how the Tax Relief and Small Job Act extended Section 179 to allow small business to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment (deduction limit of $500,000) purchased or financed during the 2013 tax year.  That means if you buy (or lease) qualifying equipment, you can deduct the FULL PURCHASE PRICE from your gross income!*

Basically, Section 179 Works Like This:

When your organization buys certain equipment, it typically gets to write it off a little at a time through depreciation.  For example, if your company spends $100,000 on office equipment, it gets to write off (say) $20,000 a year for 5 years.

While this is better than no write-off at all, most business owners would prefer to write off the full equipment purchase price for the year they buy it.  The purpose behind Section 179 is to motivate the American economy (and your Business) to move in a positive direction.  Most businesses take advantage of the Section 179 tax incentives in order to help lower the true cost of ownership on their business equipment.

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