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So You Just Got Another Complaint About The Copy Machines…

So you just got another complaint from a staff member about the copy machines. They jam too much, the copy quality is bad. You can call the service company, but they take forever to respond. And anyways, you’re stuck in a long-term lease.

What if you could get out of that lease and into better, more reliable, and even less expensive equipment?

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How to Cut Out Unnecessary Lease Fees

So the other day…

I was looking into possible lease upgrade options for one of our wonderful clients.  He wanted to scan directly to Google Docs from the copier. His current machine did not have that capability but a newer model would do the trick.  When looking at his originally signed lease agreement, I assumed he was paying around $118.00 including tax for his monthly lease.  After looking at his most recent invoice, he told me that his bill was actually much higher – closer to $145.00 per month.

It may not seem like much, but over time that variance can add up.  We hope this video will help. In less than two minutes, find out how to save hundreds of dollars in excessive copier lease fees.