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How Are Those Lease Returns Working for You?

A copier lease return is a special phrase in our industry which suggests the copier is being shipped back to the leasing company, assumingly to be upgraded to a newer better model. Have you ever wondered the costs associated with a copier lease return?

There’s the finance portion of the equation which can be calculated as a bulk interest payment if returning the equipment early. There’s also the added property tax for the year of the return as well as an overflow of return shipping charges. Sometimes these charges are hidden in the next lease you signed and just financed over a longer term we call “water in the deal”. The fact of the matter is there are fees and charges which are difficult to escape so the industry has unique ways to hide them.

Sometimes a copier lease makes sense, even given the fees associated, but other times it may make more financial sense to just purchase the equipment and pair it with a Best Performance Maintenance Plan which will take care of the machine as long as you own it. For super discounts and special purchase plan options, call our office today and talk to a knowledgeable associate to help you with your business needs.


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The Reviews Are In!

Being in this industry for over a decade gives a good glimpse of the “Must Haves” and the “Have Nots” in office equipment and capabilities. We will start highlighting the “Must Haves” as we have seen perform very well out in the field. So let’s get started!

The first highlight comes in as a standard component on the Canon Advance series multifunction devices. This feature is what we call Secure Print. Have you ever wanted to print a document without all your co-workers seeing it laying on the output tray? We hear this a lot in human resource departments and accounting management firms that sensitive information is nobody’s business but the user who is wanting it printed.

Canon came up with the Secure Print feature for this very reason. To use it is simple. In the Properties tab in the printer driver, you can customize your print job to be held within the print device until you are at the machine ready for it to print. You can put your own password protection on the document so nobody else can print it but you. This prevents the need of single-user desktop printers as well as private information from being shared near the water cooler.

For more information on other great features for your office, stay tuned. Or contact a knowledgeable representative at 214-431-5191 or

Secure Print in Properties