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Beware of the Toner Scam!

Please Beware! Toner Pirates on the Loose!

It has come to our attention that scam artists are trying to swindle accounts payable offices into paying for toner that is not needed for their business. One of our clients just notified us of one of these scams.

These firms may contact a department asking to update its shipping and copier model number information, then ships and bills you for toner. Advise your staff not to give any information to a caller from a company they do not know. Your usual supplier has all of the account information needed.

Often, these firms will use the name of an executive in their quest to get a machine model number and to have an order shipped. Ask the caller for his/her name and phone number in order to call back. This request will often result in a hang-up or a revised story from the caller. DO NOT sign and return any order forms faxed to your department by an unfamiliar company.

Favorite quotations:

“We understand that you have “x” brand copier (or printer, FAX). If you order now, you can avoid a price increase.”

“Your boss referred me to you.”

“The price increase has just been announced but if you order now, you can avoid it.”

“I have a toner order intended for another department which no longer needs it. Can I send it to you?”

Toner Included in Beyer Imaging Maintenance Agreement

Beyer Imaging’s Performance Maintenance Agreements INCLUDE toner in the price of the plans. If you are like over 95% of our clients and have one of these agreements, you will never have to source toner elsewhere. It’s free with your plan! Simply call or email us when you need spare toner.

On a Happier Note

Thank you for your trust in Beyer Imaging service and our partnership. We are grateful for your integrity and business and look forward to working with you in the future!

Darcie Beyer

Companies to Avoid

  • International Supply Center
  • International Supply Service
  • Interstate Distribution, Culver City, CA (also known as IDCServco)
  • IT Solutions, Los Angeles, CA
  • Laser Imaging
  • Lasertech
  • Micro Experts
  • Microtech Solutions, Montana
  • National Supply Center
  • National Systems Imaging, Los Angeles, CA
  • Network Imaging, Westminster, CA
  • Premium Marketing Services, Los Angeles, CA
  • Premium Distributors Center, LA, CA
  • Reliable Shipping
  • Regional Distribution Center
  • Regional Supply Center, Inc.
  • Resource Data Services, Alsip, IL
  • Supplies Distribution Network (SDN)
  • Supply Information Center
  • Supply Services, Atlanta, GA.
  • Supply Support Network
  • Systems Warehouse
  • Upstate Supply, Inc.